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Is it worth it having a Fast Response Vehicle (FRV)? 10-75 Emergency Vehicles

Updated: Aug 22, 2022


Is it worth it having a Fast Response Vehicle (FRV)?

Emergency Services provide an essential role in ensuring public safety and health for Americans. In order for this vital job to be done as it should, law enforcement officers and firefighters need dependable vehicles that not only take them where they need to be, but are adapted to every situation.

It is with the importance of functional and reliable emergency vehicles in mind during his more than 20 years of experience as a law enforcement officer that the founder of 10-75 Emergency Vehicles, Larry Kohan, together with his team, customizes Fast Response Vehicle for the Fire Services, Emergency Medical Services, and ESU officers.

A Fast Response Vehicle, also known as FRV, is a vehicle that is smaller than a Fire Truck, but bigger than an SUV, which offers a fast initial response to calls for service. FRVs are customizable to each departments’ needs, meaning they can be a multi-purpose resource. In that regard, any department could see benefits for having an FRV: whether it is budget or manpower reasons, it is always a tool to fill a need.

At 10-75 Emergency Vehicles we take the time to understand your vision and mission for your vehicle, and we pride ourselves in managing all aspects of our customer’s car conversion, from conception to completion. Every vehicle manufactured by us has a combination of the highest level of safety, appearance, and purpose, while keeping the factory design.

Typically the chassis for an FRV is a Ford Super Duty, but of course it depends on your preference: it is also possible to do one of a Chevy or a Dodge, for example.

When it comes to the customization of Fast Response Vehicle, we make sure to install long-lasting electrical systems designed with simplicity and serviceability, high-quality graphics, and custom products that are precise and accurate. If you are wondering what kind of products can be installed in an FRV, the possibilities are pretty much limitless. Depending on your department’s requirements, we can install drones, generators, custom equipment mounting, light towers, and so forth.

It is noteworthy that with the lead time on chassis, the time frame to build your next Fast Response Vehicle could be anywhere from one to two years. That is also, of course, because these vehicles are highly customizable, being a great asset for your department in many different ways.

An important question that FRVs raise concerns the cost to make them: is it reasonable to invest in a Fast Response Vehicle? First, because of its smaller and more standardized chassis, an FRV’s cost is reasonably priced compared to a larger piece of equipment. Also keep in mind that it has a lesser life expectancy than a larger apparatus. Nonetheless, an FRV can help fill the gap in a department's response to calls for services while still achieving a high level of service provided to the public, all at a lower operating cost.

Are you interested in getting a Fast Response Vehicle for your department?

Do not hesitate to contact 10-75 Emergency Vehicles at 877-614-7187 or through our website. For over 15 years our main goal has been the same: to provide the highest quality product at the best price. Feel free to talk about your department’s needs with any of our sales or service representatives. Since all of them are serving in Public Safety Sectors, we understand your needs and can help you build your own customized FRV.

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