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10-75 Emergency Vehicles LLC. is a single source company specializing in custom vehicle conversions for the Fire, Police, EMS and Public Works sectors.



The ONLY Extended Warranty Program For Every Emergency Service Vehicle

  • New or Used Vehicles qualify (up to 20 years old)

  • If it has flashing lights, we cover it and that includes law enforcement, ambulances, fire apparatus, DPW vehicles, and municipal snowplow vehicles as well. Lights, Sirens, Plows & Winches are covered STANDARD in EVERY contract

  • Unlimited Mileage and Unlimited Hours with all contracts

  • Renewable – if you want to keep your vehicle longer, We can renew your warranty.

  • Transferable – if you sell your vehicle to a new owner, We can help you transfer the warranty and the new owner, who can also renew it.

  • Zero Dollar Deductible on all contracts

  • Departments that do their own fleet service can continue to do the service work

  • Coverage doesn’t change for new vs. used

  • Price doesn’t change except between 15-20 model years old (additional surcharge applies)


  • This program also works for municipalities that have a DPW fleet or snowplow vehicles.



  • Being able to budget each truck’s repairs over the next 5, 7, or 10 years allows a municipality the opportunity to project the annual repair cost rather than be at the mercy of the “what if repairs.”


Every municipality plans to replace vehicles on a certain cycle... Whether that’s 5, 7, or 10 years.

This has every municipality trying to extend the life of both the new vehicles they're investing in and the current vehicles in service (including the vehicles they were going to “retire”). This extended warranty is available to begin from the date of delivery or when the manufacturer warranty expires.


The Vital Trends Extended Warranty for Emergency Service Vehicles Extends the Life of Vehicles in Service Today and Vehicles Going into Service Tomorrow!


With experienced staff, we can build your next vehicle according to your needs!




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