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Snyder FD

2021 Chevy 3500

The Snyder FD worked with us to design and manufacture their new Fire Truck. Check out all features here.

Conversion Overview

  • Body: Fiberglass Composite Rescue Body

  • Siren: Whelen 295SLSA6

  • Products: Custom Console, Slidemaster cargo Trays, Custom Backboard, and Stokes Basket.

  • Graphics: 3M premium reflective, by VSP Graphics

  • Electrical: Soundoff Signal bluePRINT multiplex system, Kussmaul Auto Eject

  • Radio: Customer supplied radios

  • Lighting: Whelen Freedom Lightbar, Whelen T-Ions Grill, Soundoff Signal Headlight flasher, Whelen 700 Series front fender, Whelen M7 warning and scene lights, Whelen TIR3 Traffic Advisor, Whelen C6 DOT Lights, Tecniq Ground Lighting, Soundoff Signal Compartment Lighting, and Whelen Arges

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