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With our experience in emergency products, we can build everything for you!

Our products are created for the customer to have a combination of the highest level of safety, appearance, and purpose while keeping the factory design. 

- Our products are designed with a 3-D CAD program, precise and accurate! 

- Joint construction is the foundation for our cabinets.

- Faceplates and accessories are all manufactured from a marine grade HDPE plastic.

- All of the products are profiled and sanded to ensure a seamless and uniform finish.

- TOUGHcoat is a polyurethane based coating system that is designed to provide tough and durable protection.

- Drawer slides are an integral component in any cabinet.  We use only heavy duty Accuride drawer slides, standard within the fire apparatus industry, rated for up to 600 pounds.


We have the best product options for your vehicle!

- Fire Command Cabinets

- Weapons Storage

- Slide Out Cabinets

- Consoles

- Overhead Consoles and more!

Need a Cabinet? 

We can even ship a cabinet to you.

Shipping available to the USA and Canada 

GEARsafe is a filtered compartment that will assist you with transporting your gear from the fire scene back to the station for decontamination based on NFPA 1851 guidelines.
Keep your gear always ventilated and reduce the risk of contamination!
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Electrical System
Our vehicle electrical systems are designed with the customer in mind. Simplicity and Serviceability are key to hassle-free and long-lasting electrical systems.
  • All equipment shall be installed as per manufacturer’s specifications.

  • All wiring will be GXL SAE J1128 wire, custom cut, and function printed every 4", and run for the equipment installed

  • All wiring shall be separate and isolated from the vehicles electrical system and shall not utilize the vehicles factory wiring harness.

  • Wiring will be covered in a black split loom with a gray stripe to identify it from the factory wiring harness and will be rated up to 257 degrees Fahrenheit

  • All connections will be Molex Perma-Seal heat shrink connections

  • Battery Upgrades

  • Idle System

  • Shoreline

  • Inverter

  • Alternator Upgrades

  • OBDII interfaces

Electronic Compartments
Vehicle graphics are an important component of a vehicle. By utilizing quality materials and installation procedures, the graphics will last the lifetime of the vehicle and provide the safety you need.
We use only quality 3M Scotchlite Reflective Graphic Film 680CR material. This material will ensure that your vehicle graphics last for the life of your vehicle. This material allows for printing of your images onto the reflective material. This allows for a single layer graphic as opposed to other multi-layered vinyl graphics. Along with a variety of colors, we also offer vinyl turned golf leaf and frosted crystal films to simulate sandblasted glass.
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