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Say welcome to Westcan Manufacturing!


Westcan Manufacturing is ON BOARD.

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Westcan Manufacturing to offer a new range of Aluminum Van Products.

Who is Westcan Manufacturing?

Westcan’s aluminum van products are manufactured to the highest levels of quality. The marine grade aluminum used is lightweight and we build our products to the tightest of tolerances. This greatly benefits the contractors that use our aluminum van products. Our shelving is constructed using a combination of Westcan’s custom high grade structural aluminum extrusions, premium Baltic birch that is coated with an impermeable high grade phenolic resin for long life of the shelf. We use only the best smooth aluminum for the end panels. This combination makes Westcan’s shelving units one of the strongest competitors in today’s aluminum upfitting market. Westcan offers an increased level of security with our accessories such as locking door fronts and drawer units that come with powder coated keyed locking latches. With Westcan products, you will not only stay organized, but you will also increase the resale value of your van!

What kind of products are now available in 10-75 Emergency Vehicles?

Now 10-75 Emergency Vehicles will be able to offer many more options for our Vans builds that go through partitions, standard shelves, folding shelves, work benches, and more.

Learn more about the options:

Need help? Please contact us at 877-614-7187 or through our website. Our team will be happy to help you!

Take a look at the options available for you!

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