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Ford Transit 


This Mobile Command Vehicle is ready to go!

Features SoundOff Signal products, and complete mobile command office needs. 

Conversion Overview


  • Siren:  Soundoff Signal bluePRINT, Aftershock Low Frequency Siren

  • Products:  Custom Roof Rack, Awning, Dometic Air Condioner, Heating Units, Rear Ladder, Grip Steps, Fully Insulated and Vapor Barrier Interior, Lonseal Emergency Vehicle Floor, Refrigerator, Microwave, SunBrite TV, Interior TV,  Work Stations, HDMI mulitplexer, Over the air TV antenna,  4 Corner Camera System, Streamlight 180 Fire Vulcans, Power Cord Reel, Craddle Point Modems, Custom Interior, Magnetic Whiteboard Walls and counter Tops, 

  • Graphics:   3M premium reflective

  • Electrical: Victron 5000 Watt Inverter, 400 amp hours Victron Lithiom Ion Batterys, Intermotive Idle Reduction System, Dual Alternators, Kussmaul Auto Eject, Battery Cable Upgrades

  • Radio:  Customer supplied radio

  • Lighting: Soundoff Signal mPower Warning Lights, FireTech 4 corner Brow Lights, Tecniq Red/White Interior Lights

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