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Clarence Center

Fire Company

2019 Chevy Tahoe

The Clarence Fire Company worked with us to design and manufacture their new command vehicle. Featuring Whelen Lights, Havis console and much more!

Conversion Overview


  • Siren: SOS intersectors RWB,  Mpower screw mount on running boards RWB, SOS HAW in reverse RW BW

  • Products: Havis console, cabinet reused, Tiger tough Seat covers embroderied.

  • Graphics: VSP graphics

  • Electrical: 10-75 Electrical

  • Radio: Motorola Xtl2500 radio Bearcat 355n scanner

  • Lighting: Whelen lightbar, whelen ions in grill  whelen fog light kit, whelen ions on rear door, whelen flasher for tails, whelen avengers in rear side windows, whelen speakers, whelen howler, whelen carbide sapphire controller, whelen ions in rear door when open and dome lights. 

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