Vehicle Cabinets

Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems | Vehicle Cabinets Systems

Each vehicle cabinet system is customized to meet the needs of each customer not out of a catalog.

Vehicle Cabinets Systems

We use the latest 3-D CAD design programs to design the cabinet with real-time dimensions. Our drawings are precise and accurate. This ensures no deviation from the design you choose. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to maximize space and function in any type of vehicle cabinet system.

Next, once we have the approval we transfer the design to our state of the art CNC machine that cuts each piece out of the highest quality cabinet grade multi-layer plywood. All of our cabinets and drawers are joined using dadoes and rabbits that our CNC machine cuts during the machining process. Using the CNC machine allows us to build the customer the strongest and most durable cabinet on the market.

Drawer slides are one of the most important components in a cabinet. We utilize 500lb drawer slides because they are beneficial to the customer because they are heavy duty and a standard in the fire apparatus industry.  These slides have a lifetime warranty which adds value to the cabinet. There is a built-in latch to ensure the drawer will stay closed and will not rattle.

The standard equipment mounting surface is 1/2″ HDPE with a textured surface. This material is nearly unbreakable and is U-V stable which will provide years of service.

Emergency Vehicle Cabinets Systems

Finally, the cabinets are finished in TOUGHcoat which is an acrylic/urethane based coating that stands up to extreme conditions. TOUGHcoat is a, UV stable chemically engineered product that is a combination of polyurethane and acrylics blend. TOUGHcoat has excellent abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, and tear resistant properties. Also, it has been designed to perform exceptionally well in virtually all weather and chemical environments.