Two Convenient Locations

10-75 Emergency Vehicles was founded in 2006 by Larry Kohan with one goal, to provide functional, reliable, and reasonably priced emergency vehicles. Larry is a law enforcement officer with over 20 years experience. In addition to his law enforcement background, he has served as Fire Chief in his hometown Fire Department. His experience in both fields have helped him identify the best products for the public safety professional. Today, all of our sales and service representatives are serving in the Public Safety Sectors. Our companies goal today is the same as when it was founded, to provide the highest quality product at the best price.

10-75 Emergency Vehicles is a single source manufacturer for everything in emergency vehicle products for law enforcement, fire department, and emergency medical service agencies. We have been manufacturing emergency vehicles for 11 years and our staff have over 35 years of experience manufacturing emergency vehicles. We pride ourselves in managing all aspects of our customer’s vehicle conversion, from conception to completion. There is not a job that we can’t make happen. Every department has different visions, and we understand that every vehicle has a different purpose. We take the time to understand what your vision and mission is for your vehicle. Our products are created for the customer to have a combination of the highest level of safety, appearance and purpose, while keeping the factory design. We are not an install shop; we are a manufacturer. Our goal is to create products with high quality and design to exceed what the customer is seeking. 10-75 ensures a high-quality product. We take the necessary time and care to guarantee that the customer is receiving what they request in their vehicle.

In 2010, 10-75 Emergency Vehicles expanded to a new facility in the Western New York area. The Western New York area was missing the quality, customization and innovation that we have built our reputation on. Our team of talented professionals shown the WNY customers that there really is a better way.